Is it Worth It?

There are times in a Principal’s life when you wonder when this uphill battle will ever pay off. Even though God has proved time and time again that our labor is not in vain, our flesh rears its ugly head and causes us to doubt. Next time, I should simply go to God and ask Him myself because last Thursday, He gave me a great response!

Our student-athletes had planned a fundraiser at the Chandler Chick-Fil-A. The proceeds were to help pay for their athletic uniforms. However, somewhere between the time we established the date and the actual event, an earthquake devastated the country of Haiti. Unbeknown to me, our students were desiring to help but were not quite sure how to go about it. Then it was decided in a meeting with all the student athletes. Why don’t we give a portion of the proceeds to the earthquake victims of Haiti?

Let’s be honest- not every teenager thinks this way. They think about their social status, their cell phone, their hair, and so many other things- but not usually others. This was when God said to me, “Yes, it’s worth it! It’s working!” Friend, remember that “soon this life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”