Never Quit!

Three words described the second ever soccer match played by the GBA Lions- David versus Goliath! As the opposing team warmed up across the filed, it was evident that we were facing a giant. With 22 players decked in their white jerseys and royal blue shorts, they began their organized routine to get ready for the game. It was intimidating for the 11 GBA Lions, who just a few days before made history.

The teams gathered at center field for prayer and the game began. Arrowhead Christian scored two goals- in the first two minutes!  The dejection started to set in the team’s faces until Coach Orellana yelled, “Keep your head up! Play your game!” The home crowd cheered and the team looked more determined than ever. For 80 minutes they battled. With a full team on the field, there were no substitutes and all 11 played the whole game!

A slide tackle here, a steal there, and even a body check once or twice. These Lions were not going away, they were not going to just lay down and quit! They played with intensity and a lot of heart. Six times the Lions had a shot on the goal and six times they missed. But on the seventh shot, as Aaron McClure came streaking down the middle, GBA scored their first goal of the game at the 74th minute. Watching them celebrate that well-deserved, hard-earned goal was worth it all!

I am proud of our team for this reason: when Arrowhead had scored so many goals that people on the sidelines started to lose count, it would have been easy to quit. Yet, the team kept on grinding, running, kicking, and yes, even at times, screaming! They never quit! And this quality they’ve learned on one Tuesday afternoon in October will be a characteristic that will serve them well beyond their sport-playing days.

Can you imagine what God can do with Christians who will simply refuse to quit? If they don’t quit their Bible reading, their praying, their giving, their soul winning, their church attending. Imagine what can be done for the kingdom of God! Imagine what the next generation would be like.

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Ephesians 3:20