Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Use the Tuition Tax Credit And what you can do about it

10. They don’t know how it works

It does sound a little too good to be true–you can give money to help students attend private schools without really paying a dime? Yes, you can!

9. They think it’s too complicated

It’s actually really simple! Just look at last year’s tax return to find out how much you owed, give that amount to a tuition scholarship organization, then you’ll get it all back in your refund.

8. They don’t know how much they can contribute

Perhaps you aren’t aware of how much you can donate. If you are a single, you can donate the first $500 that you owe in state tax. Couples can donate up to $1,000!

7. They don’t realize how little time it takes

It only takes a few minutes to donate online and fill out the additional one page tax form.

6. They forget to contribute before the deadline

Maybe they haven’t heard that the contribution deadline has been changed from December 31 to April 15, giving another four and a half months to contribute! But don’t wait too long–needy students already enrolled in private schools are depending on timely contributions to scholarship organizations in order to stay in school.

5. They’re afraid it will hurt the state financially

Actually, it saves the state millions of dollars because less is spent on educating a child in a private school.

4. They don’t know they can give to more than one tax credit

Donors can give to multiple tax credits (public school, working poor, and private school) and still get the credit as long as it does not exceed their tax liability.

3. They don’t realize how big of an impact it makes

Many of the students at GBA are here because of the sacrifices their parents have made. Sometimes that isn’t enough though; sometimes outside help is needed to keep kids in a Christian school. What a difference it makes for a Christian child to be enrolled in a school that honors God and has a biblical worldview.

2. They don’t know someone who could benefit

Maybe you don’t personally know a student at GBA who needs money. That’s no excuse! Fill out the form and put “needy Gateway Baptist Academy student” in the appropriate spot. There is a scholarship committee that will make sure the money gets to a worthy student.

1. They don’t know about it

You can help spread the word by forwarding this email or posting it on your Facebook page and talking to your friends about it!

How to use the
tuition tax credit:
  1. Find out how much state tax you owed last year
  2. Donate that amount (up to the limit) to a school tuition organization
  3. Fill out AZ form 323 when you do your state taxes
  4. Cash your refund check to get every dollar back