19 Years and Counting

God has been so gracious to allow us the privilege of beginning the 19th year of Gateway Baptist Academy! Students and parents strolled onto the campus, eagerly anticipating what the school year may bring forth. Teachers were excited to finally see the culmination of their work from the past few weeks.

Our purpose remains the same: develop in each student the mind of Christ.

Our annual theme will help with this purpose as we go to Psalm 40:8: I delight to do Thy will.

In a culture that seeks self-gratification, we desire for our faculty, students, and parents to set aside what we want and choose what God wants- and to choose it happily! Students will perform better academically and socially if they choose to do God’s will. Parents will experience a better school year if they desire to follow God’s way. And as faculty members, we will enjoy the ministry of teaching far greater if we determine to live according to God’s Word.

We’re blessed to start our 19th year. As I sit on the platform of our church every Sunday and look out into our auditorium, I am pleased to see how God has blessed the effort of (both past and present) GBA teachers and parents. My heart still aches for those who have fallen by the wayside but there are far more that decided to follow Jesus.

Nineteen years and counting, not just the years we’ve been in existence, but also counting the blessings of being a part of Gateway Baptist Academy. Just like the songwriter said, “Count you blessings, name them one by one…” We’ve got tons to be thankful for at GBA today!